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HVD-400 Rundteiletisch

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Produktnummer: HVD-400
Produktinformationen "HVD-400 Rundteiletisch"

Vertex HVD-400 Big Through Hole / Fast Indexing Rotary Table Feature:
Center Bore = ø65mm
For the long bar & other work piece need BIGGER BORE size.
Multiple purpose.
Fast dividing function : 15º division by handle x 24/360º
Improve efficiency, save cost.
Upgrade your millig machine to speed up production.

Technical Data
- Through center hole: ø65mm
- Numbers of dividing: 15°Grad
- Table outer diameter A1: 128mm
- Table outer diameter D: 406mm
- Table height H: 130mm
- Base dimension H1: 255mm
- Basis A: 500mm
- Basis B: 435mm
- Width of T-slot e: 16mm
- Degree per one handle rotation: 4°Grad
- Scale of micro collar: 1'
- vernier reading: 10''
- Gear ratio: 1:90
- The load capacity for rotary table horizontal: 140kg
- The load capacity for rotary table vertical: 70kg
- Weight: 122kg